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Doowop Cafe Club Members
who are (or were) members of Recording Groups (or DJs)
Member Name Screen Name Group Recorded With Current Group?
Jack Strong JPmusic The Lytations / The Contenders / The Revolvers  
Bruce Wolff bruceexdj The Meridians  
Betty Semel doowop1952 Streetheart YES
Jimmy Mullen jimmy4epics The 4 Epics  
Nate Thomas natet7715 The 4 Palms/Rainbeaus  
Phil X drphilx Teddy & The Continentals  
Butch Cooper rocknrolltrooper The Blues Mafia / Butch & The Teardrops YES
Steve Roomates The Roomates (British) YES
Les Levine entertainer4u2000 The Del Vikings YES
George Galfo

George Galfo's Mystics
Tommy Lockhart shepdoowop The Sheps YES
Don dukesofharmony Dukes Of Harmony YES
Sal consorts2001 The Consorts / The Chuckles / The 4 Clefs  
Mike Mulligan mikemull_99 Special Delivery YES
Fred Romain nativeboy_56 The Native Boys/The Ebbtones  
Joe Rivera curet30 The Channels YES
Dave Goddard aquatone58 The Aquatones YES
Frank Iovino
The Bob Knight Four/The Five Boroughs YES
Terry G doowops.geo The Corals  
Jack Carlson   Cathy Jean & The Roomates  
Rhoda rhodabea The Pistonettes YES
John Torzilli  foreveryoung12524 Alley Boys
Ray Dee
Four Party Harmony

Tony O
Dungeon Serenade