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DJ Bart
I am Bart Goble And I am known as DaGhost on my "Tyme Zone" show every Thursday afternoon from 1-4 PM on the Doowopcafe. I first got hooked on vocal group harmony in 1954 when I heard Jimmy Ricks and the Ravens on the radio. I started collecting records and, as I got older, I would listen to guys singing outside of the Grace Church in Jersey City where I was in the choir. Later I started singing in various groups. I always wanted to DJ and I got my break when I found the doowopcafe. After playing in several different time slots I finally settled on Thursday afternoons. I have a blast DJ'ing and will continue doing it until I physically no longer can.
Billy F
Boy from New York City is my theme song, as I was born in Harlem New York. Unfortunately I have none of those things mentioned in the song. I always loved music and sang some in some four part groups and in a chorus group where I met the mother of my kids. Doowop and R&B I was raised on. Going to the Apollo was a piece of cake. Also went to Brooklyn twice at 14 for shows, but mother did not know any of this as I am still here today. Surfing on the internet for doowop sites, the cafe roped me in with Nan's and Jack Strong's shows. Thank you cafe for taking me under your DJ wings November 17, 2008. Thank you for all your friendships as well, including my Boo who I met via Richie Sullivan's show, sometime in 2007. My Boo is Ruby Murdaugh and a better Boo you will not find. This is my lovely lady that I am sharing a picture with. Thank you very much Circes Doowop Radio..BillyF
I was born an ugly baby; the doctor even slapped my mother when I was born ... God bless her. I grew up in Fife, Scotland ‘till I left school at 14 and got a job as a mechanic. Then I got interested in music. I joined the Forces in 1970 and was a driver for the Royal Corps of Transport Based in Duisburg then transferred to 30 Field Ambulance in Sennelager, Germany and got a night job as a DJ in a pub. Fantastic time doing that, LOL. Free drink and free weekend board if I wanted. But I had my Army job for my bed and breakfast. Every day I went to the NAFFI to by an LP or 45 to take to the pub with me to play. I still remember my long leather coat and black brimmed Hat I wore. Have done a few stints on other Internet Radio Stations and met The Mystics and the Contenders when I was over in Florida in 2006 and 2008. Played doowop and rockabilly ever since. Keen collector of music and still collecting. That’s why I named myself BillERocker … rockabilly backwards if you didn’t guess!
DJ Brad
I was born in Kernersville, North Carolina. Early on in life I mastered several musical instruments which gave me the opportunity to play in various jazz and dance bands around the area. My work for the government took me to Florida for 28 years. When I retired I moved to the mountains of Georgia which is where I currently reside. I always had a desire to someday be a DJ and then I found the doowopcafe, where I got the opportunity to fulfill my dream. I am on the air every Tuesday afternoon from 2-6 PM and every Saturday afternoon 3-6 PM. I've met so many great people here. I love DJ'ing and I love my doowop family. I hope to be DJ'ing here for many years to come.
Chuck Pharis
email Chuck
Since the 50s I never stopped listening to Doo Wop and Oldies. Wolfman Jack was my hero. I started out in radio in the San Francisco Bay area in 1965 at my college station “KFJC”. Five seconds after I sat in front of the mic I was hooked. After college I spent four years in the Air Force then back into radio “KCSM” for a few years. When I was seven years old, I always wanted to be a Television Engineer for ABC Television Network and ABCs Wide World of Sports. I was lucky to land that job in 1976 so I moved from SF to Hollywood. After 30 years I retired, moved to Eastern Tennessee and went to work for ESPN. Retired again in 2016 after spending way too much time traveling all over the USA. I wanted to get back into radio so bad I designed and built my own AM radio station in a room at my home. Please tune into my “At The Hop” Doo Wop Show. I will do my best to take you back to radio in the 50s and 60s with a mixture of Oldies, Doo Wop and Acapella. I am not a music historian; I simply love these tunes and I hope you do to.
DJ Daddy Laddy & Rosie
Born in Erie, PA in 1943. Really became hooked on listening to Alan Freed, Murray the K, Jerry Blavat, and Porky Chedwick. Held a ham radio license (K2OF) since age 14. Did a tour of duty in Turkey with the Army where I started my doowop career DJing on Armed Forces Radio. After returning to the States, I attended Gannon University in Erie and earned an engineering degree. That led to working at the MITRE Corp (Federal Research Center) in Bedford MA for 38 years that included 10 years as a project site leader in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Experienced the excitement of Gulf War 1, dodging the Scud missles. Met my Rosie at MITRE and we have been DJing together for 27 years. Blessed with three beautiful daughters that live in New England and six wonderful grandchildren. We relocated from Boston to Erie eight years ago and have listened to the Cafe for 11 years. It is a great honor to be part of the Doowop Cafe Family. It is an incredible group of people. Rosie & I will see you all on Daddy Laddy’s Doowop Record Machine Show!
DJ Jeff and Suzi-Q
I have always had a love for music of all kinds but my favorite is Doo Wop. I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in the 60's, so I got to hear a lot of the great groups from here in the Pittsburgh area. After moving to the left coast in 1977, I married my wife Suz, a southern California girl full of life and fire. In 1992 we moved back here to Pa. and raised our family of 2 children. Our daughter, Kelly, who has gone on to marry a wonderful man and given us 3 wonderful grandchildren who keep us young at heart and very busy . Our son Andrew, who at the very young age of 22, was taken in a car accident. My love of music and Suz's love of life and our sense of humor has brought me here to the Doowop cafe with all of you.
Doc Phil
email Phil
Phil collects vinyl (45's and some LP's) mostly Doo Wop. He also plays a little golf when he gets a chance.
He's moved 4 times in 6 years and misses New York City but, hey, Jupiter FL is not bad!!
Born In the Catskills of N.Y.Grew up in Kew Gardens ,Queens.Went to Parsons JHS,Francis Lewis HS ,Queens College,U of Neb School of Med. President of South Fl Group Harmony Asso. since 1986 and Doowop 45 collector since 1958
email DI
My name is Diane Dow and I have been DJ'ing for about 18 years. I started my collection when I was just five years old. My mom always had the radio on and I'm still collecting records today. I have about 15,000 45's, 1,500 LP's, and some 78's. I first started out at the doowopcafe in 2004. Now I'm back and I hope you enjoy my music!
Born in 1941,so i was a teen during the 50s when all this great music was on AM radio everyday. I quickly fell in love with it and have been spinning songs at the doowopcafe for quite a while now.I am proud to be included among this great group of Dj's.
Jack Strong
email Jack
Jack Strong brings us his "JP's Salad Bowl" with a nice mixture of doowop tunes from all over.  However, reflecting his roots,  "JP's Salad Bowl" always has a nice garnish of those great old Philly tunes.  Jack grew up in the shadows of Philly and started singing with a group in 1962.  He wrote and recorded with the Lytations (Kaptions) in 1963.
Later, in 1965, he formed Java Records with Val Shively.  Jack continued to write and record throughout the years, with the Contenders in 1965-66 and with Lou Tavani (one of the original Contenders) in The Revolvers in 1994.
Jack puts the food on the table working as a carpenter.  He still collects the sounds, writes and sings.  He's happily married to Peggy (Stevie Nicks biggest East Coast fan) for the past 34 years.  They have two fabulous children and three grandchildren and are still crazy after all these years.
Jim the Saltie Old Coastie
email Jim
Grew up in Pittsburgh listening to Porky Chedwick, Bob Lavorio, Terry Lee and Mad Mike Metrovich.
Enjoy DJing on the doowopcafe. Retired as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Coast Guard back in 2007. Served a tour of duty in Vietnam on the USCGC BARATARIA in 1967.
Long live the music that made early Rock and Roll popular.
DJ Jason
email Jason
My name is Jason, and my love for doowops goes way back when I was in high school listening to DON K. REED every Sunday on the DOOWOP SHOP. After moving here in Tennessee, there were no radio station playing any kind of oldies. After searching the internet I found the DOOWOP CAFE. You can find me at the CAFE every Saturday afternoon from 2-4 PM, DOOWOP PARADISE.
Hi, my name is John. I was born in Montreal Quebec. When I was a kid I loved watching The Ed Sullivan Show and watched in amazement at the 4 Lads from Liverpool playing to a screaming audience. I, like millions of viewers, experienced the beginning of the "BRITISH INVASION". I also listened to Wolfman Jack spinning those great oldies and thought to myself man that's what I want to do. So here I am living the dream and spinning the tunes from a great time in history.
Mike Mahaf
email Mike
Since 1955 when I heard Bill Haley & The Comets playing Crazy Man Crazy-I was hooked on the music. Since then I have been collecting records and old rare sound, group sounds, a cappella and new retro doowop. No radio stations play what I play at least no commercial radio stations- That is why I play the great lost sounds that are abounded with warmth, true vocalization without too much electronic enhancement. Hear the REAL talent of the artists not the board engineers. I give airtime to artists that were never credited for their artistry and talents nor compensated for their records. You can also listen to my show to enjoy my wide array of songs I have amassed over the past 55 years on Doowop Cafe. Keep Doowopin' & Rockin".
Nan The Duchess of Doo Wop
email Nan
I grew up listening to the oldies, especially Murray the K, Cousin Brucie, etc. I always loved this music but I never knew just how many songs were really out there until I found the doowopcafe. It is phenomenal the amount of music I never knew existed. I decided to DJ after much encouragement from some of our wonderful members and I really love it.
DJ Neill
email Neill
Greatest Doo-Wop regret? That I wasn't old enough to have gone to the Apollo Theater in New York to hear many of these great groups as they were being discovered. Because I was born in 1953, I didn't live as a teen through this great era, but found 1950s R&B and street-corner harmony music in 1969. Around that time, I saw the Shirelles live in my hometown in Western Massachusetts. My Doo Wop Café show comes from southern New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. I spent 45 years as a reporter and editor in the newspaper business and in 2020 debuted a digital news site covering South Jersey. Visit to check out notes and other fun from my show.
Paul the Sheriff
email Paul
I grew up in Union City NJ and discovered the great DJs on the radio during the '50's. I truly loved the vocal group sound and actually purchased my first record in 1955, Silhouettes by The Rays. That was it, I was hooked. My collection grew to approximately 8000 45's. My early involvement in music was with the R&B vocal group sounds. A friend of mine, Michael Caldarullo, introduced me to the great soul sounds and I decided to do a show focused mainly on soul music. Thus, The Soul Posse came to fruition. The Sheriff and his Deputy Melissa will be with you each week. There is great joy in recording a show each week and I hope you feel the same when you listen to The Soul Posse.
DJ Phyllis
email Phyllis
I was born in Brooklyn, New York and at age 5 began studying piano. I performed piano solos at Carnegie Hall, Carl Fischer Hall, Town Hall in New York City, and was accepted at Julliard at age 14. I am currently a vocalist, musician, and former DJ. I shared ownership of with PhillyDave for five years. I also performed with my groups at major shows with many of the entertainers you know and love. I first heard Doowop music with my older brother and, although I grew up with all types of music, Doowop is in my heart and I am happy to share the memories of those great groups with you all.
Richie Sullivan
email Richie
Richie is from New York, and has been a doo wop fan since his pre-teens (we won't say how far back that goes).  Richie use to sing in an accapella group as a teenager.  One of the members of that group (The Creations) went on to fame as a member of a 60's band.  Another formed a group in the 60's with a former member of the Imaginations.   Richie once sang the lead to "Gloria" on stage with Don and Juan doing the harmonies (if only he could still sound that way).  Richie now lives in upstate NY, and is a self-employed therapist.
DJ Ron (Rollo)
I was born 4/12/61 in Brooklyn, NY. My parents loved 50's rock-n-roll, R&B and loads of other music. I grew up listening to dad's old 45's and 78's as a kid. Listened to WCBS-FM 101.1 in NY for many years, loved listening to doo wops on that station. I always had the dream of being on the radio. I discovered internet radio in 2004. That was with I was with them for a few years spinning oldies and doo wops. Came over to the cafe in 2008, and I have found a home here. I've been recording my dad's old vinyl, slowly, and, I'm happy to share that from time to time on Saturday's With Dad's Music on the cafe. I have great memories, and, I love to bring it out there for you. Keeps his memory alive.
I've been married since 1986 to my wonderful wife Sandy. She has tolerated my doo wop obsession since we started dating in high school in 1977. We have one son, Anthony, who sometimes makes an appearance on the show. Being an internet DJ has been so much fun for me, it gives me an outlet to play great music. I so appreciate being part of the DooWop Cafe, the best station on the internet!
Ron C
email Ron C
Born and raised in Kenner, La (suburb of New Orleans and home also to DJ RhythmDuke, plus so many great rhythm and blues artists) our love of music goes way back. Favorite music is doowop and RnB and we play a lot of both. After college, Moved around the country with my job, Fl., Ga., NY., Chicago. Dragged a closet full of 45s with me wherever I went. Now retired and split time between Atlanta, where my daughter lives, and So. Cal, where my son lives. After having a regular show on the Cafe for a number of years, due to my nomadic life, I now just do fill ins. I always give thanks to Bruce W for getting me hooked up again with RhythmDuke, after fifty years, and to Duke for pushing me, and helping me, get on the Cafe as a DJ.
DJ Sal
email Sal
Born and raised in Brooklyn, the home of street corner singing. Fell in love with all kinds of music, dancing, and singing at an early age. Moved to California and found the Cafe and joined as a member in 2000 and have now gone full circle, DJing for the best Doo Wop and Oldies station on the Internet.
DJ Scotty
I was born in 1947 and raised in Muncie, Indiana. I got my first radio when I was 11 years old and listened to Cousin Brucie and Dick Biondi in the late 50's and early 60's. In 1966 I joined the Air Force, spent 20 years and retired. I attended college for training in Computer Technology in which I received a degree and along the way I also picked up some classes in Industrial Electricity. I ended up working for US Postal Service, until I retired in Feb. 2013. I started be a DJing about 1977, playing a mixture of music (Doowop, Oldies, Old Country, and Disco) and started with the Doowop Cafe in Oct. 2014.
DJ Sweet Shirley
I was born and raised in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, home of Arnold Palmer, Mr. Fred Rogers, Professional Football, and the first Banana Split. I grew up with the oldies as my family loved music and my brother was very talented and my mother had a beautiful voice. I love the oldies but never really learned about DooWop until I met Janet, a very dear friend of mine who not only introduced me to DooWop but who also introduced me to DJ Zeke and I am Blessed and thankful for these two people in my life. I have experienced a lot of things in my life but never dreamed in in my life I would become a DJ. I am thankful to be part of this family in The DooWop café as we all want to keep this great music alive. I am known as DJ Sweet Shirley and my show Doo Wop heaven airs every Sunday from 4-6 PM ET so please join me as we rock to the greatest tunes ever recorded. I love to Karoake, spend time with friends, cook, dance, and spend time with my family and of course with my right hand man DJ Zeke. Hope to see you all here in The DooWop Café radio as we all try to continue to keep rolling along the greatest hits of all time.
DJ Rockin' Tom
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Married to Nancy for 55 years , we have two daughters, eight grand children, and seven great grand children. I DJ'ed for 27 years at weddings, record hops and other functions. Always enjoyed the Pittsburgh Sound with Pork the Tork Chedwick, Mad Mike, Terry Lee, and Charlie Apple.
DJ Zeke
In 1979 I started "Starlight Records". I started by recording local acapella groups like "Yesterday's Today", "Four Sevilles", "Revelations", and "BQE" to name a few. As the label became more well-known, we recorded the likes of the "Paragons", "Jesters", "Dubs", "Teenchords", "Dino & Heartspinners" and others.I hope you will join me in the "Tin Pan Alley" on Wednesdays from Noon-2PM ET and Fridays from 2PM-5PM ET. Yours in vocal group harmony, DJ Zeke